The Delta Plus variant

Well, on May 9th, 2021, I suddenly started feel weak and had to shut down my work at around 10 am and lied down on my bed immediately. I was unable to move my body. Somehow I managed to take my bath and had my lunch. After that I realized…

As I struggle to keep the pillow behind my back upright, and try polishing my glasses I continue to ponder if I must jot my thoughts down. I wiped my glasses for the third time because after each wipe things still appear hazy to my eyes. …

We all know how much this pandemic wrecked havoc on all of our lives. As a human I too was equally impacted by this novel coranavirus. We both had to stay inside our home locked totally out of the social energy of this world. This however was not a nightmare…

I had made up my mind one day I will visit Fatehpur Sikhri the day my father had brought travel guides for us. It was in the year 1997. I was in third standard then. Our puja vaction was a trip that our parents had arranged for us. It was…

I promised in my last write up, I would talk about Kolkata, Delhi and Imphal but I changed my mind subtely because I want to talk more about a hill station rather than a plain station and instead would be glad to write about Dehra Dun and Mussorie. It was…

The wind had become considerably softer than the usual time of the year.Most of it had almost lost its visible gentleness represented by the dullness and sordidness of humanity. Humankind had lost much of its innocence, love and valor. …

Pitter platter

I see no one down the lane-

The aura calls me to gaze one for.

There are plenty to call for:

But my mind decides to ditch down.

I need no one when I have all my own,

A family to love and care for.

Again, in that light I see a halo

Echoing a similar call for me .

Waiting for me towards the lane,

and yet once more I ditch it down.

Some say love is all what one needs the most

I say both!!

The last time I sat down to jot a few words down was when the weather had an amazing aura. Regrettably I forgot to publish and snapped off the connection. I am not that sort of an active blogger who writes too many words. My words always have been few but my mind holds plenty to accommodate. The world has become seemingly too chaotic and overly populated. Unoccupied spaces are rare, and so is my distorted mind.

Wings of Imagination

Hoimawati Talukdar

Truth, love and smiles ~ Life

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